22 BBY, Geonosis


19 BBY, Ord Mantell


Super Tactical Droid


Seperatists (formerly)

Republic (currently)


General Grievous

Kahar Zamet

B0-R6 was the second in command of BT-49's Squad. He was a Super Tactical Droid. In 20 BBY, he was reprogrammed by Kahar Zamet to serve the Republic. He died on Ord Mantell during Order 66, but he had sacrificed himself to buy BT-49, HK-62, Commander Shadow, and Kahar Zamet time to get off the planet.
B0-R6 White

B0-R6, the Super Tactical Droid.


In 20 BBY, while B0-R6 was on Ryloth with BT-49 and his squad, BT-49 was reprogrammed and the squad was decimated. BT-49 and Kahar managed to knock out B0. Kahar then reprogrammed him the same way he reprogrammed BT-49.


When Order 66 happened in 19 BBY, Kahar Zamet was on Ord Mantell. The battle that seemed like it would never end was finally coming to an end. Commander Shadow was next to Kahar. Suddenly Shadow's comm buzzed. "One moment," he said. He went into an alley and activated it. It was Palpatine. "The time is now. Execute Order 66, Commander." Shadow nodded. "Yes, my lord." He then deactivated the communicator and walked over to Kahar. "General, we need to go. Your life is in serious danger!" Shadow said. Then a Clone Trooper pointed his gun at the back of Kahar's head. Shadow shot the Clone in the head. "What is going on?!" Kahar shouted. "It's a thing called Order 66. All Clones are supposed to betray the Jedi, but I'm going against it," Shadow replied. "We gotta go now!" Kahar nodded and activated his communicator. "T7 prep the ship for takeoff now!" He deactivated his communicator. "Allow me to kill these meatbags," HK-62 said. HK-62 killed any Clones that fired at them. BT-49 followed in HK's footsteps. B0-R6 also grabbed his blaster and began firing. They made it to the hangar. Kahar and Shadow started killing the Clones and then made it to the Defender. HK-62, BT-49, Shadow, and Kahar quickly got on the Defender. Clones began to surround them and fire at the ship. B0-R6 kept bashing and shooting the Clones. "Get on B0!" Kahar shouted. "I'm afraid I can't do that, master. If I get on, these Clones will get us all. Leave, now," B0-R6 replied. Kahar nodded and then folded the ramp up and closed the door. "Take off now T7!" Kahar shouted. The engines roared to life. Kahar then watched as B0-R6 was surrounded by Clones. He shot at them as he grabbed explosives and bundled them together in the middle of the hangar. More Clones poured into the hangar. Then B0-R6 got shot in the shoulder. Weakened, he twisted a Clone's neck, barely killing him. Then he got shot in the wrist. B0 crawled to the explosives bundle and fired his blaster. Kahar shielded his eyes as the hangar exploded. He watched B0-R6's body, several Clone bodies, and debris fall into the water. "You will be remembered, B0-R6," Kahar murmured.