Biographical information
Homeworld Kamino
Born 32 BBY, Kamino
Physical description
Species Human (clone)
Gender Male
Height 1.83 meters
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Chronological and political information


"I...I don't know. I was down on the *cough* battlefield. And all of a sudden *cough* I get blasted by a clanker,"

-CT-4445 after being injured

CT-4445 was a clone trooper bred on Kamino to become a trooper in the Grand Army of the Republic. After having such training inside the Military Complex.
Once he was a trooper in GAR, he was soon injured on Maridun by a B2 super battle droid. After being carried to safety by trooper Dogma Alpha 144. Speaking to the three who saved him, he was badly hurt. Just before an explosion, he was taken off a base, with Lieutenant Boomdodger nearly being killed in the blast, but jumping off of the base before