Captain Oppa (32 BBY- 41 ABY) was Leading Captain of Flash Goldboosters Nexus Battalion.He was a clone of Jango Fett.He was trained to be a ARC Captain by Alpha-17.He was a Clone Private during the Battle of Geonosis.He was promoted to Lieutenant for his skills and bravery after the Battle of Geonosis.He soon became a ARC Captain.He disobeyed Order 66 and kept his loyalty to the jedi.In 41 ABY he and 30 troops from Nexus Battalion went aboard the Anakin Solo with Ben Skywalker.When Oppa confronted Jacen Solo/Darth Caedus,Oppa and his troops starting shooting at Caedus.One of the troops contacted Ben and told him where Caedus was.Oppa's troops were all dead so he charged at Caedus.He tackled Caedus.Caedus ignited his lightsaber and Oppa was stabbed in the chest.He was thought to be dead.When medical troops arrived they took Oppa to a shuttle where Flash was.Flash force healed Oppa.Oppa needed to rest for a few weeks because of his injury.Oppawas later killed by a Bounty Hunter while trying to protect Flash Goldbooster.