Sarad "Cryshta" Prosstang


Biographical information
Homeworld Mandalore
Born 42 BBY, Corellia
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 1.79 meters
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green
Skin color Fair
Chronological and political information
Relatives Boomdodger (spuouse), Verd (son),Mesh'la (daughter), Tracinya

"Sometimes I would gaze up at the stars of Mandalore and think to myself: What happiness would my life bring to me in my future? Well, it seems to me that my question has been answered, and you are the joy of my life."

- Cryshta, shortly after her marriage to Boomdodger

Cryshta Prosstang, born as Sarad Ubahn, is a Force-sensitive True Mandalorian warrior born on Corellia on the date 42 BBY to Illonus Ubahn, the chieftain of the Mandalorian Clan Ubahn.

Around the age twenty-one, she was stationed on Carlac by her father to spy on a nearby Death Watch camp, and gather information for the True Mandalorians. During this time she met the clone commander Boomdodger, who was caught in a vulture droid bombing on an AT-TE walker. After this they slowly began to bond, and she was later captured by Death Watch. She sent a distress call to Boomdodger, who rescued her shortly after.

After the execution of the infamous Order 66, Cryshta joined Boomdodger in the Survivors, during this time they started dating and bonding romantically. After Boomdodger joined Clan Prosstang, the two married on 3 BBY. Cryshta later gave birth to their children, Mesh'la and Verd, on 4 ABY.

Cryshta fullarmor

Cryshta's beskar'gam from 5 BBY and onward