Darth Nebula II




Lunar Eclipse, over Ilum






1.84 meters


Old Republic era, Rise of the Empire era


Sith Order, Brotherhood of Darkness, Separatists

'Darth Nebula' was the name of a Sith Warrior during the times of the Old Republic and the Rise of the Empire, (though after they fell.) His arch-enemys were his later grandson Palladin from the Clone Wars, and GrandMaster Boomdodger. Later he was killed by Boomdodger when Boom cut the windows of the Lunar Eclipse, which made him fall out. Boomdodger held on to a pipe, and Nebula was falling but grabbed onto his leg. Then Boom made his hand be crushed by the wall it was near, Nebula let go, and fell into space. Then the emrgency doors closed.

Becoming a Sith

On 3,551 BBY the beggining of the Old Republic; he got his first master: Darth Nebula I. He trained well as an apprentice, and soon became Darth Nebula II. He began training at Sith Acolyte Training. It took him one year to train.

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