Darth Vasha Vark


Lord Magma Vark (husband)

Volarn Vark (son)


41 BBY, Korriban


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Darth Vasha, a descendant of Darth Angral, was a Human Female Sith Lord. She was trying to track down Jedi Master Kahar Zamet, trying to get revenge for her ancestor. After she and her medics brought Lord Magma, near death on Hoth, to her hideout on Ryloth, the 2 made a deal to be partners to get revenge against Kahar Zamet. Eventually, Magma and Vasha fell in love, married each other, and had a son.


From 21 BBY to 19 BBY, Magma and Vasha stayed away from the war, raising their son on Ryloth. In 19 BBY, Imperials came to Vasha's hideout, which had now been transformed into a mansion for her family. Imperials said they knew her son, Volarn, was force sensitive and that he was to be taken to an academy. They threatened Vasha that if she did not hand Volarn over to them, they would kill her. Vasha called Magma to the door of the mansion. He then made the Imperials suffer before killing them. Vasha knew that they would be wanted by the Imperials now. She and her husband agreed to side with their former enemy, Kahar Zamet, and the Rebel Alliance to be protected. When they came to Mustafar and asked Kahar for protection and to join The Survivors, he agreed and they left their Sith ways behind to become Jedi. Vasha, Magma, and Volarn returned to their mansion on Ryloth with a few of The Survivors that Kahar had sent to protect them.

Nightfall Attack

Vasha awoke in bed one night in 19 BBY to load sounds outside and looked at the clock. It was midnight. She looked to her right and saw Magma was still sleeping. Suddenly he awoke too. Vasha heard Volarn crying and ran into his room. She couldn't figure out what was making him cry. She walked downstairs to check out the noises and found that squadrons of Imperials were attacking and The Survivors were holding them off. A Stormtrooper came in and shot a blaster bolt at Vasha. She quickly activated her lightsaber. This was her Sith lightsaber, but now that she was a Jedi, she had sold the red crystal and replaced it with a blue. Magma had done the same also. Magma then lunged at the trooper and swiped his lightsaber across the trooper's chest. He then force pushed the body into a Imperial Officer. The Imperial Officer tried to get up, but Vasha killed him with force lightning. Several of The Surviviors' troopers came in. "Barricade the door," Magma ordered them. The commander nodded and told his men to barricade the door.