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Biographical information
Homeworld Coruscant
Born 485 ABYCoruscant
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 1.80 meters
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Chronological and political information
Era(s) Legacy era
Known masters

Boomdodger Prosstang

"I am Fanus Jyui Stryder. Er, I was orphaned once my parents died . . . it is sad Master Prosstang."

―Fanus Jyui Stryder, Jedi Master

Fanus Jyui Stryder was a human male Jedi Master that was the apprentice of Boomdodger Prosstang from 500 ABY to 505 ABY. He then held the rank Jedi Knight until a little while later, becoming a Master. 



Orphaned on the planet Coruscant once his parents died by smugglers at the age of four, Fanus was very blank on his Force-sensitivity, as him and his parents had no idea of his future. But the Jedi did. They cared for him at the Jedi Temple. They fed him the best food, they told him stories of long ago. 

But what they never did was tell him who he was. 

Becoming a Jedi

On the date 500 ABY, Fanus had turned fifteen and Boomdodger Prosstang bought him a rare and speedy speeder for his birthday, which angered some of the Jedi Masters, however they could not fight Boomdodger in any way. If it turned into a duel, Prosstang would surely win. 

One day Fanus was riding through the streets of Coruscant, his longish hair that went to the bottom of his neck floating in the breeze, when he suddenly turned back to the temple. That is enough for today, he thought. As he got back he saw Boomdodger waiting and telling him to meet him and the council in the fifth and tallest spire of the temple

Once he got there the council revealed that Fanus was Force-sensitive, and at this Fanus widened his eyes and told them they were joking. But they assured them they were not and Fanus was so surprised, he couldn't wait to get started as a Jedi. Yet he asked why hadn't they started teaching him before. The answer to this was apparently unknown, yet Fanus did not care. 

And his new master was Prosstang himself.