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Kayla Trooper (Kayla Janes)
Kayla Trooper


60 BBY


??? BBY


Devis Trooper


Adriana, Arine, Krystal, Julie, Justin.

Combat style

Custom (Jar'Kai mixed with Juyo and Ataru)


Darth Sidious (sith master) Kahar Zamet (jedi Master)

Weapon of choice

Lightsaber, Twin Lightsabers,Light wipe


Kayla's theme song.

Kayla Trooper was Devis's First and only Wife. She was Born on Courscant she was born in 60 BBY. She was padawan to Kahar Zamet. She and Devis maintained a healthy friendship but then they got mixed feelings and started to fall in love with each other. One day Devis asked to marry her and she said yes she would. After the marrige she got pregnant and had a baby girl. They named her Adriana after she was born Kayla went missing no one has heard from her since. After she went missing Devis felt outraged but he started to calm himself down and walked around his apartment. Kayla went to her homeworld of Naboo where she became a dancer when she got enough money she went back to Courscant and became a bounty hunter. No one knows what happened to Adriana. Some say Adriana is dead but other said that she is in Devis's apartment quietly hiding in the basement. Kayla went on to having 20 boyfriends then killing them for money. Kayla went on to having 4 kids 3 girls and 1 boy. The 3 girls names are Karine, Krystal, Julie. The boy is named Justin. After she had 4 more kids and disappeared forever!

Can a killer fall in love with the same man twice?

After she got rich and famous for her back stabbing ways she found herself missing Devis. All her children were assassinated by the last of the empire and she wanted to see Devis one more time before she herself was dead. She had never fallen in love with a man this hard. She went searching for him but alas when all hope seemed lost, The Ebon Hawk flew right over her starfighter. She followed and landed on Mustafar and gave chase to find Devis.

When she found him she was shocked he was walking out of the freighter carrying a few boxes with Kyle walking beside him. She knew something was wrong. "Devis Abeloth Fraint! What the blazing Death Watch are you doing!"

Devis dropped the boxes and saw Kayla walking towards him in a cute way and she kissed him. "You forgot to shut your engines off sweetie." She said with her cute smile and walked onto the hawk and turned off the engines.

Devis still surprised to see her, watched her do everything he normally did. Kyle fell asleep in her lap. Then Devis snapped and said "Kayla Janes... off.... my .... ship!." 

"Our ship" Kaya correcting him. 

Kayla told Devis why she returned. "I really missed you my children were murdered and I can only assume im to be next in line so before I die I wanted to see you one last time.