TDL Chapter 13 005

His gunship crashed on the planet of Dantooine

This trooper is a trooper who is under the command of Captain Key.


In 21 BBY, The Cannon Balls flew to hyperspace. The ships entered the Dantooine system. They sent 2 gunships down to the surface. It was raining hard, so hard that a battle droid could camoflauge into the ground. So that did happen.Rocket! The pilot said. Both gunships blew to the ground. Key got up along with Learpole and 2 other troopers. They went to their destination, a droid foundry, producing B1, B2, and Droidekas. Droids outnumbered the clones. We formed a circle. We took down all 20 droids with one man dead. They moved in the factory. They planted Thermal detonators and time bombs. A trooper fell off and edge. Learpole and Key rushed over to the ledge. Key reached out for him but it was to late. Learpole got shot. He fell off and edge but held on. He held the ledge with one hand and the trigger with another. He told Key to go. Key denied. Learpole Held the trigger in his hand about to push the button. He told key to go now, or both of them would die. Key reached back for Learpole, say that he didn't have to go out blowing himself up. He told key that he was too wounded to live to fight another day. Key left taking his helmet off in tears. Once Learpole knew that Key was a safe distance away, he blew the place up.


The sacrifice of Learpole won't be forgotten, he saved a couple Neautral and Republic systems from being attacked, allowing the republic to hold the line on paying for clone troopers, also so to not engage Seppy fleets when on the way to attack a planet.