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Biographical Information
Homeworld Mandalore
Born 14 ABYCoruscant
Status Alive
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair color Brown, dyed green
Eye color Purple
Skin color Fair
Chronological and political information


"Let's play a game: you're prey. And I'm the predator. So I'll come along and kill you, then find more prey, heh?" ―Marshta regards a "game"

Marshta Prosstang, or Marsh'ika Prosstang, was a human female Mandalorian born as the first child of Cryshta Prosstang and Boomdodger Prosstang. Her twin brother, Zill'ika, and her were both Mandalorian warriors and bounty hunters. Known for her skilled acts and companionship, she always sought glory and honor, just like her brother. 

Later during the Great Demise of the Jedi Order, Marshta specialized in an important mission on Maridun to recover an important Death Watch­―as of them working with Varan­―in which it could show a way to stop the Death Watch, or simply get them out of the way, while the rest focused on Varan. 

During this mission, she barely escaped with her life, as the Death Watch Sergeant Darius Vizsla blasted her ankle, twisting it, as she jumped onto the ramp of the Swift Eagle. She did get medical intention afterward, but as she was saved by her father, Boomdodger, and her boyfriend, Ordius Skirata, she was also comforted by them, as she wept since she managed to get out of there, but was at the doorstep of death. 

Personality and Traits

Marshta: "Slow down. There is no need to rush missions, I have forever, after all."

Zill: "I know that, Marsh, but I don't see any need to wait up here forever, let's just go sneak in. It's not so bad, besides, we got lightsa―"

Marshta: "It doesn't matter, there are lots of them. Dad taught us this, remember? We have to be patient; wait for the right time to strike. Wait for the right time to make our move."

Zill: "I'm guessing that time isn't now . . . "


Boomdodger Prosstang


Crysh'ika, mother of Marshta.

Cryshta Prosstang

Zill Prosstang

ZillProsstang (2)

Zill'ika, Marshta's brother.

Ordius Skirata


Oridus Skirata leads True Mandalorians into battle.