OOM-64 modified
Production Information
Manufacturer Baktoid Combat Automata
Product Line B1 Battle Droid
Model OOM Command Battle Droid
Class Battle Droid
Technical Specifications
Height 1.91 meters
Gender Masculine Programming
Sensor Color Black, One Dark Black (After Reconstruction)
Armament E-5 Blaster Rifle, Torture needles
Chronological and political information
Era(s) Rise of the Empire era, Rebellion Era

OOM-64 was a droid who was exiled away to an unknown planet for his failure to keep hold of a system needed by the CIS. He was exiled away by IG-211 and eventually rebuilt by a group of stranded droids in a crashed ship. He eventually took command of the droids, got the ship running, and engaged war with the Republic, Separatists, and the galaxy. He called his alliance, The Droid Covenant, in which the different droids would group together to eliminate and get revenge on the galaxy. Years after the Clone Wars he launches an attack on the planet of Kalee, not knowing IG-211 is there. they engage in a battle with IG-211 and The Skywalker family, and eventually seem to beat them. As they prepare to take over the planet, IG-211's reinforcemnts come to help, and stop them from taking over the planet. IG-211 is able to OOM-64, and The Droid Covenant ship is sent into a large mountain, destroying all droids on board. As for the rest of the ground forces of The Droid Coveneant they either escaped, or were destroyed.


Before being tossed aside by the Separatists, OOM-64 was like many OOM Series command battle droids. Unfortunately he was given command to protect a system in which he lost for his actions of disobeying commands. By losing the system he was to be punished. He attempted to flee which shows he was smart, but he failed to escape. After his exile, he changed immensely, from a slight coward to thinking he was a god. He developed an unhealthy psychotic meltdown that caused him to think differently from other droids.