Ransen Ordo (50 BBY - ? BBY) was a Mandalorian in Clan Ordo

Mandalorian Life

Ever since Ransen was a young boy, he was training as a Mandalorian Warrior on Concord Dawn. He fought in numerous battles and defeated many champions on Concord Dawn. Eventually, in 30 BBY, he left Clan Ordo. After he packed his bags, he went to Onderon.

Onderon Uprising

Ransen had lived on Onderon for 10 years now. It was 20 BBY. He had decided to start a normal life 10 years ago. He was a farmer and a trader. He would go into town and sell excess crops for credits. The Separatists ruled the government strongly. The Separatists would sometimes raid his carriage while he was riding it to town. When he faced them in the city, they said it was the thugs that had an encampment outside the city and ordered him to leave before he was arrested.

After a long, tiring day, Ransen got home. He fed his pet convor. Suddenly there was a loud BOOM! There was an explosion over the mountain. The house shaked. Ransen ran over to see what was happening. Onderon Rebels were fighting a squadron of battle droids. Suddenly Ransen saw a blaster rifle pointed at him. "Are you here to join us? To defeat the Separatist Army?" the Onderon Scout asked. "Well, now I want to!" Ransen replied. The scout gave Ransen a set of Onderon Rebel armor and a blaster pistol. Ransen ran home and put the armor on. He grabbed his Mandalorian pistol. Then he looked at his old, rusty Mandalorian helmet. He brushed some dust off it and then put it on. Ransen ran into battle and started shooting at droids. A Commando Droid rolled at him. Ransen used his Mandalorian combat skills to kick and punch the Commando Droid. He tripped the droid and then shot it in the head.