StarWars Republican Star Destroyer

The Reliant, the flag ship of the fleet

The Cannon Balls


The Deadman, Shooting Happily, Trigger Man, Trigger Happy, and the Reliant


The Reliant


Admiral Key (Admiral of his ship, but is a Captain in ground battles), Admiral Kal-Kena, Admiral Fin McSky, Admiral Alley SkinCrusher, Admiral Fi-Ti-Now.

Fleet Formed:

21 BBY

Cruiser classes:

The Reliant: Venator Class, The Deadman: Acclamator Assault Ship, Shooting Happily: Acclamator Assault Ship, Trigger Man: Venator Class, Trigger Happy: Venator Class.




Patrol, Blockade, Offencive Fleet, Troop Transport, Escort.

Flagship Admiral:

Admiral Key


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